Interested in writing a guest piece, or possibly joining our elite team full time? Read on for more information!

Freelance or Guest Writing

We are always looking for up and coming talent – this is a great place for new writers to add a piece to their porfolio! Just keep the following things in mind:

-Submissions should be between 800-1400 words, though this is a guideline more than a rule. A piece needs to “earn the page,” so if it’s only a few words, those words better be good – and if it’s a dissertation, it better be engaging every step of the way. If there’s an irrelevant or ultimately boring part of your work, cut it out.
-Fan squealing is not the same as an analytical work. To really capture the essence of what we do here, your article should not only talk about how great or terrible a work is, but there must be some sort of topical point. Common article topics include common themes and elements across a genre, feminist critique, cultural or historical influence, psychological analyses, philosophical inquiries or implications, or mechanics in terms of how a work evokes a certain desired emotion. Think less about whether a work is good or bad, and more about why it is this.
-Make sure to include photos (and captions, if necessary) for your piece. For professional reasons, we can only accept original screen captures; anything that comes up on the first page of a Google search is not what we’re looking for. We want original content, both in terms of words and pictures. Capturing your own original screenshots of the game/movie/show/etc. you’re talking about is the ideal way to do this, though in the past we have accepted drawings.
-Don’t forget the bio that accompanies your piece!
-If you want to submit to us, but are not sure whether you want to go to all the trouble of writing if we may just shoot it down, feel free to send just a prospectus or pitch.

Submissions and pitches both go to the acting Editor in Chief. At the time of writing, send these to Chalkey Horenstein at cihorenstein [at]

Part Time Writers

Guest writers are always welcome to write again following the same rules as before. Taking this a step further, if you wish to apply to be one of our regular writers, put on the monthly schedule and the ACP staff page (and all the glory that comes with that), feel free to apply. For this, we require one initial sample piece, following the guidelines of a normal submission. We also require a resume and cover letter, stating both why you are qualified and why you want to write for us.

Unfortunately, we make no profits in our publication, so we cannot pay you. However, the resume boosting experience and networking will still be the same as any other job. If we really like you, we may even have the editors write letters of recommendation and/or LinkedIn recommendations.

Send resumes, cover letters, and sample pieces to Chalkey Horenstein at cihorenstein [at]

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