The ACP Staff

Editor in Chief: Chalkey Horenstein is out to prove that video games, as well as television and movies, can be just as literary as literature. As a journalist and editor, his work has also appeared in The Record (Detroit, MI), The Artful Dodge (Wooster, OH), The Westford Eagle (Westford, MA), Real Change (Seattle, WA), Die Jerusalёmmer (Germany), Day Old Stubble (the internet), Nugget Bridge (the internet), Overthinking It (the internet), Fear Of A Ghost Planet (the internet), and Spare Change News (Boston, MA). He is a simple man that enjoys simple things, like morning jogs and fresh out of the dryer pajamas.



Video Games Editor: Justin Tokarski is currently at Michigan State University studying the ways of philosophy and slam poetry. His career future involves living in a cardboard box in downtown Detroit and asking people to listen to his latest work. Nah, just kidding. He’ll be fine.






Television Editor: Nathan Comstock holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from the College of Wooster, where he won several prizes for writing things. He hopes one day to write things for a living, though “what sort of things?” is an important question he is still trying to answer. When not writing or watching TV, he enjoys singing at karaoke bars and sometimes performing with fellow ACP writer Jonah Comstock in the band Pirate Not Included.





Movies Editor: Marten Dollinger is a Film Maker and Light-weight Educator in Cleveland, Ohio. Currently living a neo-bohemian lifestyle in Lakewood, he finds the time time to Write, Direct, and Edit for Shoot It Already Films, work multiple jobs of varying interest, and pursue a Masters of Education for School Counseling at Cleveland State University on top of his duties to the ACP. He developed his love of film as well as his writing abilities at the College of Wooster where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theater with a Minor in Philosophy and served as Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Wooster Voice. He is also proud to be the pirate who is not included in Nathan and Jonah’s band.



Chief Copy Editor: Emily Davis will have her Bachelor of Arts in English in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime you’ll find her trekking around campus with a red pen in one hand and a mocha in the other.  She loves children’s literature, neon colors, and late-night dance parties.  She’s also pop flying.






Editorial Assistant: Gillian Daniels lives in Boston and currently temps. By day, that is. By night, she lives on the Internet and writes your nightmares. Yes, yours. No one else’s. She graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in English and a hankering for blogging. She likes webcomics, literary magazines, films, and writing fiction.





Editorial Assistant: Jonah Comstock is a freelance blogger and journalist, with a Masters of Science in journalism from Columbia University. Philosophy is his second love, though, and it was as a Philosophy-English double major that he got his Bachelor’s from the College of Wooster. He’s fascinated by Kierkegaard, time travel, and anything that relates to free will and predestination. He owns all of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on DVD and is currently developing an embarrassing love of romantic comedies, good and bad.


Staff writer: Melissa Swanepoel is a published short story author and a credited film producer. She is obsessed with words, languages, and story. She would make a great stand-up comic if she could only stop laughing at her own jokes. She is not from your country…unless that country is South Africa, in which case she is.Currently accepting applications for next child-actor stalker.




Staff Writer: Allison Novak works in customer service by day and writes by night, except for the evenings where she is fighting crime, doing laundry, or playing trivia. She has been published several times for her fiction and poetry, and holds a B.A in English from Washington College. She can and will out-geek you.



Freelance and guest writers who have helped us in the past: Karl SmithGrace HansenAlex FriedmanBill DalzellThomas DwyerEmily CorwinIzzy MaffetoneSean BouyackZachary ColeEdward UtterChandra AsarTristan VrolijkAlex G. JonesSaker AlexanderFay HughesAndy TisdelDave NortonSara GoodwinAlex EhrhardtGenevieve Pecharka, B. Lana Guggenheim, and Lauren Shuffleton.


Logo art designed by Bridget Kraynik. Layout aesthetics designed by Gabby Snyder.


Want to write for us? Have an idea to pitch? Contact the Editor in Chief at

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