About the ACP

Mission Statement

We of The Analytical Couch Potato vow to put the culture back into pop culture. We vow to assert that the media of video games, movies, television et al can be just as literary as literature, and will critique conventions of these genres through conversational essays.

We vow to be a regular publication, representing each major medium (video games, movies and television) once per month, though we choose to not be limited by these minimum requirements nor these minimum genres. We as a staff believe that the moment we accept the media and entertainment of our lives to be nothing intelligent is the moment it becomes nothing but. And so, it is our hope that by providing thoughtful articles and insight, we raise the standards of the entertainment we hold dear – no matter the form.



The ACP began as a print-on-demand magazine started by Chalkey Horenstein, as part of his Independent Study senior thesis project at The College of Wooster. Then known as The Cultural Gamer, the magazine produced 32 pages of articles discussing a wide range of topics, including the influential titles of video games, narrative theory, historical accuracy in documentaries such as King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, and different journalistic pieces regarding video games in the community. The Cultural Gamer had one goal: rather than telling gamers what to buy, TCG hoped to tell gamers about the different techniques, conventions, and influences that made a given game what it is.

Following college, Horenstein resumed TCG in blog form and hired the first of his writers – Nathan Comstock, Marten Dollinger, Jonah Comstock, and Justin Tokarski – and expanded the range of media discussed to include television and movies. No longer just about video games, the blog was then renamed The Analytical Couch Potato. The first ACP went live July 15th, 2010, and became a weekly publication with two articles per week on October 7th, 2010.

Since its inception, the ACP has made a few notable achievements. In February 2012, Dr. Rory Johnson used The ACP in a class called “Rituals, Music, and Magic” held at Miami University in Oxford Ohio. Additionally, The ACP has been invited to host several panels at various conventions, including Revoluticon in Columbus, Ohio, and Connecticon in Hartford, Connecticut. To date, The ACP has been a home for twenty eight different writers and over 200 articles.

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